History, Science and Civics can be more FUN
than just a textbook!

This is a great study program for one child, a large family or a group Co-Op. Your homeschool student(s) can study history and science in a club-like atmosphere, complete with iron-on merit patches, crafts and learning activities. It works similar to boy/girl scout merit patches, but is a serious study of history and science. You make up your own rules!

The workbooks may be completed in any order. You don't have to start with Volume One if another subject interests you more. As soon as your child can read or write, he or she is ready for Homeschool Huskies and Ponies, all the way up through 9th or 10th grade. The use of library books allows you to adjust the reading level to suit your child and use the studies with several different ages at the same time.

Please click on "LEARNING FORMAT" for details about how to customize these studies for different ages and grade levels.

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