Here's How the Program Works

As soon as your child can read and write, he or she is ready for Homeschool Huskies and Ponies! The workbooks for girls (Ponies) and the workbooks for boys (Huskies) are the exact same curriculum, only the "logo" patch is different - the boys have a large husky head and the girls have a large pony head to iron on to the back of any plain white T-shirt. The merit patches, included in the center of each workbook, are the same for both boys and girls. These are earned one at a time as the students complete a chapter.

Volume One: Patriotic Patches and Volume Two: Pioneer Patches are history based studies. Volume Three: Marinelife Patches and Volume Four: Wildlife Patches are science based studies.

If your child earns one patch per week, for example, Vol. 1 would take 8 weeks to complete, Vol. 2 would take 10 weeks to complete, Vol. 3 would take 8 weeks to complete and Vol. 4 would take 9 weeks to complete. These are only estimates, you may choose to extend or shorten your studies. The program is very flexible.

Each volume introduces your students to different studying techniques, but with a similar format:

  1. Each patch has four steps to complete in order to earn it.
  2. You supply library books/encyclopedias to answer questions about that particular topic. This is how you adapt the books to your student's learning level. For example, in Volume 3: Marinelife Patches, the student is asked to give the scientific name and description of certain animals. This information is given in the simple ZOO Books as well as the more challenging Peterson Field Guides. You select the appropriate books for your student(s) to use. All answers are given at the end of each chapter just in case you couldn't find something. No teacher edition is required.
  3. Each chapter has either a craft or an activity that reinforces what is learned. Many of the items are included in the book (i.e.: range maps, cut outs, paterns, etc.) Occasionally you will need to supply other inexpensive items that may be purchased on your regular trip to the grocery store.

There are no "rules" or "demands", you decide how to run your homeschool club in the convenience and safety of your home or support group. And since the merit patches come with each book, all you need is a plain white T-shirt to get your club going.

These workbooks are consumable, since many of the craft materials are provided. Sorry, patches may not be ordered separately. We recommend that you purchase one book per child.