Pioneer Patches - Volume 2

Pioneer PatchesWith the same familiar format as Volume One, this is a thorough study of the seven states that make up the Oregon Trail. Students are first asked to write to seven Historical Societies (addresses are given) which will gladly respond with generous amounts of state information. Boys and girls will map their journey as they make several stops at the forts and landmarks along the trail. While "visiting" each state, students will learn some of that state's history (including state birds, flags, seals, and natural resources), make a pioneer craft, and study a famous person (past or present), of their choice, to earn their iron-on patches.
Patches and some craft materials are included.

Chapter Titles are:

  1. The Oregon Trail
  2. Loading the Wagon
  3. Fort Kearny
  4. Fort Laramie
  5. South Pass
  6. Fort Bridger
  7. Fort Hall
  8. Fort Boise
  9. Whitman's Mission
  10. Oregon Territory!